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“…Encourages young readers to trust their instincts and underscores the importance of financial transparency and ethical practices.” — Reader Views

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The Author’s Corner Q&A:

Q1: Can you describe the origins of and inspiration for this title, The Believer within You?

I wrote The Believer within You to enlighten and empower young adults by exposing hidden corruption and abuses of power by local government authorities. My personal battle with aggravated identity theft, which overlapped with my 29 and a half years of service in the US Navy, deeply influenced this narrative. Starting my career in 1982 as a Seaman Recruit and retiring as a Master Chief Petty Officer in 2011, my roles within the Judge Advocate General’s Corps and the Naval Legal Service Command provided me with unique insights that permeate my writing.

After retiring, I devoted significant effort to meticulously documenting and safeguarding evidence using tools like VideoScribe and an interactive scrolling timeline. This was particularly crucial after facing a wrongful eviction in 2015 by local county government officials, an event that not only mirrored my personal misfortune but also unveiled broader systemic issues affecting property owners nationwide, inspiring the themes in my book.

My troubles began in 2008 when I purchased a new construction condominium, which I later discovered was based on falsified records by local government authorities—a deceit that profoundly impacted my subsequent legal challenges. This discovery revealed a pattern of manipulation by local officials that is often overshadowed by the roles of financial-industry corporations in literature and film concerning the real estate market’s expansion and crash. My experience underscores the necessity of scrutinizing these lesser-known players.

The Believer within You sheds light on the deceptive practices of local government officials who manipulate key elements like land-use and real estate records, often exploiting real estate tax parcel identifiers. This manipulation results in the wrongful issuance of construction permits and the development of upscale homes on incorrect lots, marketed to unsuspecting buyers. Such unethical practices significantly contributed to the global financial and housing crisis of 2008. Moreover, the book provides essential guidance for verifying property ownership records to protect oneself from fraud, emphasizing the importance of understanding who “owns” versus who “owes” on a property. The narrative, enhanced with illustrations, also tackles the systemic housing discrimination and policy failures at all government levels.

Q2: Can you elaborate on the collaborative process and key contributions from your editor and illustrator in bringing The Believer within You to life?

The Believer within You is a product of collaborative creativity, essential to its success as my debut publication. The expertise of my editor, EM2274 at Scribendi Inc., and the artistic vision of illustrator Lena Tusevljakovic Orlovic were crucial in realizing this story. Their contributions helped craft a narrative that not only tells a compelling story but also remains objective and educational, set against the backdrop of Northern Gainesville, Florida, where Brenda Sue Bellamy, a precocious twelve-year-old, uncovers a real estate fraud.

Q3: How does your book approach societal challenges without giving away specific plot details?

Through the engaging narrative of Brenda Sue Bellamy, the book explores the ramifications of municipal corruption, particularly the intentional alteration of real-estate tax parcel identifiers. These malpractices destabilize property values and put unsuspecting homebuyers in precarious legal positions, leading to broader economic damage. This storyline serves as an educational framework, illustrating the importance of vigilance and the impact of ethical governance on daily life.

Q4: Who should read your book, and what makes it unique?

The Believer within You is aimed at a broad audience, including teens, educators, and community leaders, blending compelling storytelling with crucial lessons on financial literacy and real estate fraud. The included glossary helps clarify complex terms, enhancing the book’s educational value. Brenda Sue Bellamy’s journey teaches readers about vigilance, self-belief, and the importance of protecting one’s rights.

Q5: Can you outline the key events in your book?

The book unfolds in four parts, centering on Brenda Sue, an insightful twelve-year-old whose life intersects with the 2007–2009 global financial crisis. She finds herself inadvertently drawn into the public eye, using her sharp wits and trusty notebook to expose local corruption, setting the stage for a narrative that highlights civic duty and social justice:

Introduction: Brenda Sue Bellamy is a wise twelve-year-old who unexpectedly finds herself thrust into the public eye during the 2007–2009 global financial crisis. Without any ambitions to become a civil servant, she skillfully navigates the complex challenges of this turbulent period. Her journey illuminates the resilience and sharp wit she employs as an ordinary young girl, confronting the unfolding economic turmoil.

Investigation Begins: With her notebook in hand, Brenda Sue overhears a suspicious conversation that piques her curiosity, marking the start of her investigative journey.

Revelation: Supported steadfastly by her mother, Ida Jean, Brenda Sue uses her meticulously documented, trusty notebook to uncover the pivotal role of local government practices in maintaining real property rights. Her research underscores the critical importance of these records in safeguarding our economy and freedoms. She emphasizes the necessity of exposing and prosecuting those responsible for fraudulent property records to preserve these rights.

Conclusion: Brenda Sue’s role as a whistleblower is emphasized as she uses her trusty notebook to expose truths and drive significant reforms in the real estate industry. Her actions reveal fundamental causes of poverty and homelessness in America, highlighting her impact on the community and beyond.

Q6: How can readers access an audio preview of your book?

You can visit our website to preview the audio and watch the video trailer of The Believer within You. Discover the narrative and the journey that awaits. Additionally, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive content here. Upon confirming your email address, you will gain immediate access to a special digital flip e-book version of The Believer within You, narrated by Jessica “Mahogany” Mitchell. This immersive reading experience is optimized for desktop and laptop devices.

Q7: What message do you hope to convey?

In this book, my goal is to inspire hope and strengthen faith. It calls on readers to foster empathy, kindness, and proactive engagement, guiding them towards heightened awareness and the potential to effect significant positive changes in their communities and beyond.

Q8: Could you share the book’s publication details?

I am thrilled to announce that my debut young adult novel, The Believer within You, is set for publication in late February 2024 in Indianapolis, IN. This book represents a beautiful collaboration between myself, my exceptionally talented editor EM2274 at Scribendi Inc., and skilled illustrator Lena Tusevljakovic Orlovic. Lena’s cover design is not just art; it visually embodies the transformative journey within the book, blending realistic fiction with elements of a children’s picture book style, rich in themes of hope and resilience.

The Believer within You will be available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book formats, with an audiobook version anticipated for release in late February 2024. The Library of Congress Control Number for this work is 2023921273.

For additional publication details, please visit this link.

Q9: Mr. Burnett, your award-winning debut young adult fiction picture book, The Believer within You, not only tells a compelling story but also addresses real-life issues like the recent attempt at an illegal foreclosure on Graceland. Can you discuss how these events specifically influenced your narrative and what broader impact you hope your book will have on readers?

Thank you for the question. The Believer within You was inspired by a deep concern for the growing issue of fraudulent real estate schemes, which threaten the security and legacies of families across America. The recent attempt at an illegal foreclosure on Graceland, based on forged documents, underscores the very real and pervasive nature of this issue.

In my book, the protagonist, Brenda Sue Bellamy, a seemingly ordinary 12-year-old girl, uncovers alarming information about wrongful foreclosures that could affect her family. Her journey reveals that significant numbers of real estate frauds occur even before mortgage loans are originated. These fraudulent activities are often perpetrated by individuals and entities that potential homebuyers and property owners least suspect. With her trusty notebook in hand, Brenda Sue meticulously documents each revelation, using her keen observations and insights to solve the problem and protect her family’s future.

The halted illegal foreclosure on Graceland, with investigations by the FBI and Tennessee’s attorney general, exemplifies how deceptive practices can infiltrate even the most secure and revered properties. The judge’s concerns about the authenticity of the notary’s signature, and the statement from a Florida notary denying any involvement, mirror the kind of deceit my character Brenda Sue encounters. These real-life incidents serve to emphasize the importance of vigilance, courage, and self-belief—central themes in my book.

Elvis Presley’s legacy and Graceland’s historical significance add a layer of inspiration to the narrative. Just as his granddaughter stands to defend her grandfather’s property rights, Brenda Sue’s story underscores the need to protect what we hold dear. It is about empowering young minds and adults alike to recognize these threats and take action to safeguard their heritage and rights.

By highlighting these parallels, I aim to educate and inspire readers to understand the root causes of such fraudulent activities and implement vigilant safeguards. While The Believer within You is a work of fiction, it ironically mirrors the truth, presenting an optimistic conclusion with far-reaching economic effects that resonate globally. This connection between fiction and reality enhances the book’s educational and inspirational value, making it a powerful tool for raising awareness about these critical issues.

Q10: Any final thoughts for your readers?

Embark on a journey with The Believer within You, a narrative brimming with urgency and purpose. I encourage you to visit our website to preview the audio and view the video trailer. Join us in fostering change, one story at a time.

Q11: Oh, yes, one more question. Why is The Believer within You important for teens and young adults?

The Believer within You is pivotal for teenagers and young adults as it delves into pressing real-world issues such as mortgage fraud and real estate schemes. These problems are vividly portrayed through the experiences of Brenda Sue Bellamy, illustrating their profound impact on families and entire communities. For example, the narrative features a pivotal recent event at Graceland where Elvis Presley’s granddaughter successfully foils a plot to usurp the estate, thus spotlighting the gravity of such fraudulent activities. This scenario urges readers to reflect on the numerous individuals lacking notable surnames who endure similar tribulations.

Moreover, the book champions essential virtues like self-belief, resilience, and integrity—traits indispensable during the formative years. Brenda Sue’s journey exemplifies how a young individual, merely twelve years old, can drive meaningful change through sheer bravery and determination. Additionally, the narrative skillfully integrates financial literacy, a subject often neglected in educational curriculums, thereby equipping young readers with the knowledge to navigate future financial challenges.

The Believer within You is not merely an engaging narrative for the youth but also serves as an invaluable tool for parents, educators, and community leaders. It enhances awareness of critical societal challenges, encourages forward-thinking, and advocates for decisive action. Consequently, it is advisable for educational and training institutions—including academies, universities, and military establishments—to integrate the teachings of this book into their programs. This integration will undoubtedly inspire and educate future generations to enact positive transformations in their communities and beyond.

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