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Understanding Cookies

Like many professional websites, The Believer Within You uses cookies — small files downloaded to your computer — to enhance your browsing experience. This page explains the nature of the information cookies collect, our purpose for using them, and situations where they might be stored. While you can opt out of storing cookies, doing so could impair some of the website’s features. For broader information on cookies, refer to the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies.

Our Use of Cookies

We deploy cookies for various reasons. Typically, there are no standard methods to disable cookies without deactivating the features they support. It’s advisable to keep all cookies active, especially if unsure about their role, to ensure an optimal site experience.

Disabling Cookies

To prevent cookies, you can modify your browser settings (refer to your browser’s Help section). Yet, remember that turning off cookies might limit the functionality of our website and others you visit. Thus, we suggest keeping cookies enabled.

Cookies We Use

  • Email Newsletters: Cookies remember your registration status and control certain notifications exclusive to subscribers.
  • Forms: If you input data via contact or comment forms, cookies might store your details for future interactions.
  • Site Preferences: We aim to provide a tailored browsing experience. To recall your site preferences during subsequent visits, we use cookies.

Third-Party Cookies

Occasionally, we utilize third-party cookies. Here’s a closer look:

  • Google Analytics: Widely respected, Google Analytics helps gauge your engagement with our site, enhancing our content accordingly. It tracks metrics like site duration and page visits. For more, visit the official Google Analytics page.
  • Feature Testing: As we introduce and test new features, cookies ensure you get a consistent user experience and help us discern which improvements resonate with our audience.
  • Purchase Insights: It’s crucial to know how many visitors transact on our site. These cookies record such data, helping us optimize our operations, marketing, and pricing.
  • Affiliate Tracking: Some partners promote us. These cookies help track if a visitor arrives via our partners, ensuring correct crediting and potential bonuses.
  • Social Media Plugins: Our website integrates social media buttons and plugins. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, and Apple Podcasts might set cookies via our site, aligned with their individual privacy policies.

Last Updated: September 10, 2023

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