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Introducing The Believer within You

Fight Injustice with Fiction

Discover The Believer within You — An Award-Winning Debut YA Short Story Inspired by Real Events

Unveiling Truths:

‘The Believer within You’ Echoes Dickens in Challenging Modern Fraud

Rita Kohn, the senior editor of NUVO Newsweekly in Indianapolis, IN, delves into themes of deception and trust in her latest column through Tyrone Burnett’s debut novel, The Believer within You. Drawing parallels with Charles Dickens’ societal critiques, Kohn’s analysis speaks to the contemporary challenges of combating fraud. NUVO Newsweekly, known for its comprehensive coverage of Indianapolis’s cultural scene, supports Kohn’s authoritative commentary.

The outlet is instrumental in offering in-depth news, arts, and entertainment content, thus playing a crucial role in fostering local dialogue and cultural enrichment.

“Burnett’s tale, much like Dickens’, serves as a reminder that the instruments of fraud are as old as trust itself, and only through vigilance and empowerment can society hope to combat them.”

For a complete exploration of these themes and to read Rita Kohn’s detailed analysis, please visit the link below to her column on NUVO Newsweekly’s website.

A Tale of Two Worlds: Exploring Poverty and Homelessness through Young Eyes—Unveiling a Root Cause:

Brenda Sue’s Quest for Truth and Change in The Believer within You

Enter the world of Brenda Sue Bellamy, a precocious 12-year-old with a sharp eye for detail and a trusty notebook that misses nothing. The Believer within You invites you on an inspiring journey through the rural fictional town Gainesville, Pamunkey County, a place where secrets surface and truths are discovered.

Experience the compelling story of a young girl who looks beyond appearances, uncovering a complex web of deceit among the adults in her life. With only her keen intellect and detailed notebook entries, Brenda Sue exposes a widespread crisis of homelessness affecting tens of millions of children across the nation.

This fiction, inspired by true stories, is more than a narrative—it is a testament to integrity, courage, and the remarkable power of observation. Watch as Brenda’s resolve and bravery initiate change, showing that even the youngest individuals can have a significant influence on the world.

Don’t miss the trailer for this award-winning debut that illustrates how alertness and courage can surmount the toughest challenges. Press play and join Brenda Sue in The Believer within You—where every child has the ability to discern the truth and the strength to alter the world.

Watch the Trailer:

“A well-written fictional account of a financially dark historical period, shedding light on the intricacies of the crisis and its impact on ordinary families.” — Reader Views

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    Cover of 'The Believer within You' featuring a young girl with a notebook, symbolizing resilience and civic duty.

    The Believer within You: A Must-Read from Tyrone Burnett
    — Illustrated by Lena Tusevljakovic Orlovic

    Empowering Young Minds:

    Unveiling The Believer within You

    Over 10 million children across the nation teeter on the brink of homelessness or unjust eviction due to wrongful foreclosures, even before they can call newly constructed homes their own amid a global financial and housing crisis. Enter Brenda Sue Bellamy, an ordinary 12-year-old with her trusty notebook by her side. She uncovers alarming information, sparking a daunting realization: “This could happen to my family.” Driven by her invigorated spirit, she delves deep, documenting each revelation in her trusty notebook. Through her journey, she presents invaluable financial and educational insights, enlightening both young minds and adult readers. Now, faced with a pivotal decision, Brenda Sue stands at a crossroads: to stay silent, or to speak out and risk being silenced. 

    This is the essence of my award-winning debut book, The Believer within You.

    Her notebook serves as a treasure trove of crucial evidence, unveiling a disconcerting web of malpractices within the domains of mortgage origination, closing, and foreclosure processes. These practices, indicating deeply entrenched issues with historical roots, allude to a broader systemic challenge. These issues are deftly orchestrated by influential figures in the real estate industry and subtly imply intricate connections with various entities. It is apparent that these problems have left a lasting legacy, with potential implications for contemporary society. This significant revelation adds a compelling layer to the narrative, illuminating a nuanced and enduring societal challenge.

    The Believer within You

    By Tyrone Burnett

    In The Believer within You, I find myself stepping into the role of a storyteller with a sense of reluctance, driven by a compelling need to address societal challenges—a task I fervently wish were unnecessary yet feel is indispensable given the times we live in. The story focuses on Brenda Sue Bellamy, a twelve-year-old whose ordinary life is distinguished by an extraordinary gift of perception and discernment. As she becomes entangled in the mission to expose fraudulent real estate schemes threatening her community, her journey is meticulously documented in her trusty notebook, which quickly becomes her steadfast companion. This award-winning book was born out of necessity, aiming to highlight the impactful role that observant youth have in initiating change, despite my wish that there was no need for such stories. However, Brenda Sue’s adventures may just be the beginning, hinting at the potential for a series that could further explore and illuminate the power of youth in addressing societal issues.

    Drawing from a mixture of personal experiences and observations, the story aims to reflect both the immediate challenges we face and those timeless struggles that humanity has always grappled with. The Believer within You presents its readers with choices, leading to alternative endings that carry profound implications for children around the globe and for future generations. The narrative is woven with themes of hope, faith, community, and social justice—values deeply important to me and which I acknowledge, albeit reluctantly, the need to champion in these times.

    As you delve into The Believer within You, I hope you uncover a story that, despite underscoring a societal failing, manages to strike a balance between the gravity of real-world issues and the unyielding spirit of youth. This equilibrium aims to inspire enlightenment and empowerment, emerging from a place of humility and a longing for such narratives to be unnecessary. Looking ahead, the journey of Brenda Sue Bellamy may pave the way for more stories, each expanding on the resilience and resourcefulness of young minds in confronting the complexities of our world. For further insights into the reluctant journey behind this book and what fueled its creation, I warmly invite you to explore the interview on Literary Titan’s website, shared with a heavy heart yet a hopeful outlook.

    “…‘The Believer within You’ stands out as a poignant and impactful narrative that skillfully blends youthful perspective with complex societal themes…a powerful commentary on social issues such as poverty, homelessness, and the resilience of the human spirit.” — Literary Titan
    Cover of 'The Believer within You' featuring a young girl with a notebook, symbolizing resilience and civic duty.

    Behind-the-Scenes Insights in The Believer within You:

    Acknowledging the Crucial Role of an Exceptional Editor, Edited by Scribendi Inc. Author Services, EM2274, by Award-Winning Author!

    Thursday, February 08, 2022

    Dear Tyrone,

    [Y]our story’s outline seems promising and refreshing, as it attempts to champion a child who proves to be more principled and kind than the lawless adults she vows to expose. It is always more than encouraging for children to read stories such as yours, which proves a precocious child's observation skills and sharpness can both make a better world and break corrupt structures in society. This story will certainly give your target audience the confidence to use their natural and acquired gifts for good and pursue more social causes. Do be sure to frame the story with as little jargon as possible, to retain your young readers' interest and to lead them into this inspiring story about financial losses gently.

    I would be happy to edit this manuscript further with the utmost care. I'm quite confident you will make this an excellent story.

    Warm regards,

    Your editor

    Thursday, February 10, 2022

    Dear Tyrone,

    [[I]t gives me great joy to see that you found my edits and suggestions valuable. I have been sure to use a similar approach for this revised document and will also do so for future works from you. As a result of this understanding, you will see all of 20+ comments in the document that have considered the plot progression and your provided details with utmost care and, as best as possible, through the eyes of your target readership.

    Your refinements have indeed filled several plot holes, considerably improving the flow of the narrative and making it a cohesive whole. The reader will now be closer to successfully imagining your story and characters precisely as you have conceived them. To smoothen the reading experience completely and to help you employ effective and compelling techniques of writing, my comments focus on the reduction of jargon, refinement of characterization, representation of a scene's tone and mood, reducing redundancies, progressing the plot without disparities and contradictions, among other potentially exciting areas.

    I would also like to confirm that this story and your style of writing it do not by any means seem preachy. Its unwavering focus on the characters' work and dedication to their community speaks volumes about your objective of writing it-the upliftment of similar children with dreams to be something. However, if you'd like for this book to be spiritual, you could perhaps bring this to the forefront of the narrative a little more. The parts where you write about the community can also feature a prominent mention of the characters' faith.

    And there you are. These were my broad points for you in response to your concerns on your writing. While the manuscript seems only a short distance away from completion in its present form, I highly recommend working more on humanizing the characters and making them, especially Brenda Sue, relatable to your readers. Consider writing their dialogue or narrative elements with their voice, and everything that you wish this book to be and represent will seamlessly fall in place. 🙂

    Thank you for your trust in my work, and good luck with this wonderfully educational journey of writing and rewriting.

    My best to you,

    Your editor

    Sunday, February 13, 2022

    Dear Tyrone,

    [I] feel humbled and happy reading that I have been able to help make an impact on your writing's progress. It is my pleasure to continuously work on a story with such a wonderful message for children, who need upliftment the most. I see that you have successfully incorporated not just clarity in the plot but also an effortless and plain sailing movement to it. I especially observe how well you have framed the dialogues and positioned Brenda Sue at the core of the story as the main hero.

    The story now does have educational and motivational substance to it, which is unambiguous, helpful as you intend it to be, and can be employed by parents and teachers to help children. Further, any intelligent reader will unmistakably see the analogy shared by this story with Andersen's "The Emperor's New Clothes."

    That essence of the story is well laid out now more than in one of the earlier drafts (or rather the outline), which inadvisably articulated the analogy. The obvious subtlety in this draft is far better.

    . . . perhaps you could select a few more defining moments in the story to illustrate? Some of them could be, according to how I roughly envision it, the first time Brenda Sue overhears her neighbor's father's conversation, Brenda Sue's soliloquy to encourage her mother to take action, Ida Jean's investigations and subsequent reporting of the fraud, and the outcome of Brenda Sue's outspokenness on the community after litigations. You will notice that these ideas mostly deploy the limelight on Brenda Sue and her sharp actions.

    A glossary was going to be my next suggestion if fine-tuning the jargon based on my last suggestion did not fully work. So it's a yes to the glossary from me! Do go ahead and create one. It will work perfectly with the changes you have already made.

    Warm regards,

    Your editor

    Thursday, February 17, 2022

    Dear Tyrone,

    [Y]our manuscript, with its final series of revisions from you, has turned out wonderfully. It has been an immense pleasure working on it, as I have stated earlier. It was frankly a very stimulating project that allowed me to exercise many of my cherished tried-and-tested strategies in manuscript writing and developmental editing. I am delighted at hearing you feel confident it's taking a satisfactory shape.

    Personally, I feel adding a subtitle would confuse the perception of what the story is about. 'The Believer within You: Trouble in the Land' imparts a conflicting idea to a potential reader trying to glean an initial understanding just from the title. Using the main title alone will, on the contrary, lucidly present this as an affirming book. The rest of its suspenseful storyline will be left for the reader to discover, a feat every reader looks forward to. However, if you still feel using a subtitle is something you'd like to do, "Trouble in the Land" is definitely a good one and you should go for it.

    Finally, as possibly another sign of your instinct being right, the category code YAF058130 does indeed hit the nail on the head. I believe you had already arrived at these decisions independently and just needed a little nudge from me. I hope my points here do help you as a nudge in the right direction.

    I wish you all the luck I can channel towards you for your publishing journey!

    Humbled by your unwavering trust,

    Your editor

    Sunday, February 20, 2022

    Dear Tyrone,

    [I] am, as usual, left speechless at your warmly written email. I do not know what to say except thank you for always being so kind, honest, and appreciative. Such a warm response from you always makes my day and strengthens my belief in the work I offer. It would be my absolute pleasure to work on anything you send my way and to read your words.

    Reading about the personally experienced events that inspired this book now, for example, fills me with inspiration and awe for your work and potential. I am confident you have a lot to offer to the reading community and should foster your talents, wisdom, and motivations with the greatest care and dedication. I am sure a lot from your rich reserve of experience in the military as well as with real-estate frauds has been left unwritten by you—a possibility that compels me to encourage you to write more if you felt attracted to the prospect of being a full-time writer.

    That said, I have edited your document here as per usual. The boundaries of the About the Author section could do with a clearer marking and its ideas with more enhancing. My comments will help you do exactly this.

    Thank you for expressing your desire to give me credit at the print stage. Few events have given me as much satisfaction as your warmth and appreciation in my career, and this shall always certainly remain a memorable and special collaboration. I have written to Scribendi's Customer Service about what alternative to my identity I can provide for the acknowledgments page. I will get back to you as soon as I have an answer on what is allowed by their policies.

    For now, do be sure to let me hear from you again if you'd like my assistance…

    Warm regards,

    Your editor

    Sunday, April 10, 2022

    Dear Tyrone,

    [I] am delighted to hear from you and have the opportunity to work on your book and query package again. I am also touched by the response the synopsis has received from your friend and would like to confirm that my updated changes this time around haven't altered it greatly, retaining the precise qualities you were pleased with earlier. I have only lightly furnished the query package with the required new details.

    It comes as no surprise to me that you decided to amend parts of your manuscript, and you have done so on point! A writer can never disengage themself from their draft while it lies in wait (of either typesetting, illustrations, or publication). My comments contain some observations of interest to you. I hope I was right to assume you only wanted proofreading and feedback on the sections highlighted in yellow. For good measure, I have also run a simple grammar check against the whole manuscript. Do let me hear from you if I have made an error in interpreting your requirements and word count meant for proofreading.

    Lastly, I am sorry to hear of your disappointment regarding Scribendi's anonymity policy. You could always discuss alternatives with Customer Care, who are perhaps the right authority to help you with this matter. I shall always be indebted to you for your uplifting words and think about this project with fondness. Your acknowledgment has reached me personally and in your own words. There is no greater joy for an editor!

    Warm regards,

    Your editor

    Wednesday, April 20, 2022

    Dear Tyrone,

    [T]hank you for your warm words of appreciation and Easter wishes. I hope you and your family have been in good health and spirits and enjoying Easter Sunday. I am glad to see the price issue from the last order was resolved admirably by Scribendi's team and hope you are satisfied with the solution provided.

    With regard to the edited document, it is unclear at which point one of the two articles mentioned by you begins and ends. The entire document reads as the author's bio/motivation alone. You should definitely separate the two, because they will be used in different parts of your book's promotional efforts or material. The blurb will be printed on the back cover, and the author motivation will perhaps be used in a PR article and other secondary published material about your book.

    Consider delineating the two articles clearly using their own dedicated structure, as outlined below:

    1. Book blurb
    i. Hook
    ii. Setting
    iii. Character

    While your short notes are on point, consider pivoting the POV towards Brenda Sue Bellamy when you set out to write the blurb. You can write all these elements with her voice. Ask yourself how a child would present the hook, setting, character, and conflict. After all, our primary goal is to market this book as a children's story and not a non-fiction book asking for caution from buyers. That would then require you to write the blurb as a real estate and law expert, which can't be farther from the goal.

    2. Author's motivation

    The entirety of this document can be preserved and utilized as the author's motivation. Unlike how I've advised you to write the blurb, this article rightly is and should be written with your voice and unfiltered expertise. I must say you have done a great job in this regard! However, a word of caution on the intended audience. On account of this article's heavy jargon and depth of information, the right audience would be in the field-related non-fiction category (in other words, adult readers with some basic knowledge of this book's subject.

    I hope this helps clarify the structures needed a bit. The book indeed was formed into a better shape by you based on my suggestions alone. I remember when I accepted your first draft for editing; it was merely an outline back then. You have put flesh on those bones in record time and with the deftness and flourish of a seasoned writer.

    Do let me hear from you if you'd like more of my assistance.

    Take care and with gratitude,

    Your editor

    Thursday, December 29, 2022

    Dear Tyrone,

    [S]eason's greetings to you and your family! I hope you've been well, and I am delighted to hear from you and to have this opportunity to work on your story again. Thank you for sharing updates about the petition and the email you received from the federal government. I am honoured to be trusted with this sensitive information. I hope you receive the public support needed at the right scale to build sufficient awareness before effecting the systemic change this colossal wrongdoing now calls for. I write to you with my sincerest hopes for a better state of affairs.

    In the highlighted yellow parts of your manuscript, I have removed grammar, punctuation, syntax, usage, and consistency errors. I have also keenly noted your new revisions and updated the last drafts (traceable to order #864407) of the query letter, synopsis, and outline accordingly. I hope my work is to your satisfaction, especially with reference to the query package. It's the updated minutiae that need your attention and review—not so much the larger structure and content. I would appreciate it if you could review the draft closely along with the new comments I have left for your convenience.

    The silver lining to this impediment to acknowledging me by name in your published book is that I see and deeply appreciate your effort to make the same possible. As I said last time, I shall always be indebted to you for your kind words. Your acknowledgement has indeed reached me personally, and I am overjoyed that we continue to collaborate on this project.

    Warm regards,

    Your editor

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